Prajakamaha Ain.Homam

This homam is performed to beget good offsprings and get success in competition. The Om Indraagnibhyam Namaha Mantra is chanted to propitiate Indraagni.

Abhayprada हवन

Abhayprada हवन; as the name suggests this हवन is performed to be fearless in all aspects of life. Fear of financial problems, personal problems, relationship problems, marriage problems, professional problems can be demolished by performing Abhayprada हवन in the supervision of Pandit.

Ayush हवन

Ayush हवन is performed for the longevity of the person on his/her star birthday. Lord Ishana; the presiding deity is invoked by the offering of Ghee, Havis (cooked rice) and special sticks known as samidha in the holy fire of Ayush हवन 1008 times by Brahmins.